Review: Jin Chan Zhang Chinese & Asian Cuisine

This has become my Chinese delivery place of choice lately, so I have a few orders’ worth of dishes to comment on. They have been consistent in getting my orders right.

Miso Soup: Everything one would expect from this Japanese dish, the right flavors and good amounts of tofu and seaweed.

Wonton Soup: The flavors here are on point too. The wontons are small, bite sized, tender and pretty tasty.

Shrimp tempura appetizer: Doesn’t come with dipping sauce but doesn’t really need it! The batter coats the shrimp well, and is flavorful. They may have been a bit on the small end. I dipped it in the Miso soup for a little more flavor and moisture but that definitely wasn’t a necessity.

BBQ Pork Ribs appetizer: Good flavor, again where it should be. Really good combined with the cabbage it’s served over, don’t miss out on that detail if you order them.

Tofu Vegetables: Tofu was alright. Small amount of broccoli. A bit heavy on other filler veggies that I had no interest in eating.

Broccoli and Cashew Nut: Needed soy sauce (which I was out of, so it got salt). After that it was pretty good though weak in flavor. I enjoyed the unusual crunch the cashews added.

Fried rice: Not very good, a hint more flavor than plain rice, just enough peas to count as present, and a lot of scrambled egg which is my least favorite part of fried rice dishes.

Summary: Pretty reliable staple overall for basic Chinese and some Japanese delivery (but, note to self, if I order too many days in a row, my stomach cannot cope).


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